Sunday, January 8, 2012

Day #7 - First Love Wedding Record

Day #7 of my Ultimate Crazy January Challenge is First Love Wedding Record, a kit by Dimensions.  I will make this for my brother and his girlfriend.  They don't have a date yet, but this seemed like a good time to get started!  Wouldn't it be great if I had it all done and only had to wait for the date to stitch at the end?

I also started and finished an ornament today, Donald Duck, a Disney kit from Janlynn.  I bought several of these in their big clearance sale.  This is my first finish of 2012.  I am in the X-Stitching Christmas Challenge on Lady Kell of Kincavel's blog.  Our goal is to finish 12 items for Christmas in 2012.  This is the first one that will be listed on my X-Stitching Christmas Challenge page.
"Donald Duck"
Disney kit by Janlynn
Started 1/7/2012, Finished 1/7/2012


Lesleyanne said...

I love your new start. Good idea to start before they name the date. Donald Duck is gorgeous.

Unknown said...

Debbie love the wedding record and wouldn't it just be wonderful to be organised to just a date !. Well done on your first finish.

Niina said...

It is really clever to do it ready. Before I had small stash for finished items for babies and marriage, but now nothing...I also bought some items from Janlynns big sale :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely stitching. :) Can hardly wait to see what you stitch in your next update. :)

Unknown said...

Another major start - that will be perfect for your brother!

Donald Duck is darling!

Linda said...

Great start on the wedding sampler. Love Donald Duck. I have all of them and just wish they were on 14ct instead of 18ct. Way to go!!!! First finish of the year. yeah


Lumiruusu said...

Hello Debbie!!

Isn't this CJC 2012 so much fun !!? :)

You have many lovely starts ,especially that Wedding sampler is so stylish.

The little Jannlynn Ornaments are so pretty,I just started "The little Princess"-kit.
Donald Duck is very cute !!
Did you ask how many pattrens/kits I finished last year ??

Well,I did not manage to finish more than 5/15 .
That is why I tryed to choose much more smaller designes.
I really do not take my stitching very seriously -for me it is more like having fun with my on-line friends and to enjoy all beautifull things we can see on each others blogs.

(Sorry that my funny english is not improved very much from last year :)

Sonda said...

That wedding stitch will be so cute! Congrats on the finish!