Ultimate Crazy January Challenge 2014

The Crazy January Challenge is when you start a new project each day for the first 15 days of January, then try to finish them during the year.  I did this in 2011, but in 2012 and 2013, I did the Ultimate Crazy January Challenge, starting a new project every day in January, which I will also do for 2014!  You can join the Crazy January Challenge Yahoo Group and/or the CrosstitchCrazy2014 Facebook Group.

Here are the projects I'm going to start in January:  

1.  Wicked Witch - La-D-Da

2.  Trick or Treat Greeting - Ursula Michael

3.  Snow Bear and Sleigh - Dimensions

4.  Wolf - Janlynn Wildlife Series

5.  Count Your Blessings - Bobbie G. Designs

6.  Jacks are Wild - Waxing Moon Designs

7.  Best of Friends - kit from China

8.  The Sorceress - Dimensions (FINISHED 6/24/2014)

9.  Wizard of Oz - Pixel Power

11.  Easter Egg Towel - Favecrafts

12.  Disney Princesses - Wee Little Stitches

13.  Hungarian Peacock Sampler - Manka Mintai

14.  Alice from Resident Evil - My Photo Stitch (FINISHED 7/13/2014)

15.  Halloweenies (Boos Brothers) - Sue Hillis Designs

16.  Boo-gie Fever - Sue Hillis Designs

17.  The Boys are Back - Just Another Button Company

18.  Santa's Cuisine - Stitch World X-Stitch

19.  Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - Disney kit

20.  October Witch Snowlady - The Vermillion Stitchery

21.  Penguins At Play - Witchy Kitt Designs

22.  Life's a Stitch - Lizzie*Kate (FINISHED 1/29/2014)

23.  Happy Easter - Sewing Seed (FINISHED 4/18/2014)

24.  Heaven and Nature Sampler - Cross Stitch Gold magazine

25.  Believe - Mary Engelbreit

26.  Woodland Splendor - The Sweetheart Tree (FINISHED 2/21/2014)

27.  Nesting Season - Country Cross-Stitch

28.  Collection - Designs for the Needle

29.  Spring Sampler - Dinky-Dyes Designs

30.  Samantha - Pamela Kellogg

31.  The Wave - William Bouguereau - Cross Stitch Collectibles


Shaunterria said...

You've picked some great charts Debbie, I can't wait to see your progress on them throughout the year :-)

~~ Shaunterria ~~ ca11i0pe.blogspot.com ~~

Anonymous said...

great choices

Justine said...

Some great choices. I see we have both chosen The boys are back in town! I may have to stitch some more pixel people after seeing your choices.

Pat said...

Wow, great choices :0)

Shebafudge said...

There are lots of wonderful designs there! I have a feeling a few could end up on my wish list once I start seeing progress pics!

Jan Gartlan said...

So many lovely choices! My favourite is Ding Dong. You will have a fun January

Stitching Noni said...

Oh my goodness, your 2014 January start plan is amazing! Looking forward to watching your progress on them all. ;o)

Ann C. said...

Wow Debbie you are going to be a busy stitcher in 2014!!

Rachel Tomkins said...

I think you're mad starting 31 projects each year, especially given the size of some of them. But having said that at least you're making good progress and reducing your number of WIPs!
I've got loads of magazine charts I would like to stitch in conjunction with my ten large WIPs, so may be I should join you for 2015? In fact, I think I will (if that's OK with you?)
Keep up the good stitching, and let's egg you on to get some more finishes under your belt. :)