Finishes 2014

26. This is part 6 of 12 in Santa's 12 Days of Christmas.
Book No. 126
Designed by Pamela Byrd Smith
The Prairie Schooler
28 ct mushroom evenweave
Started 5/4/2014, Finished 8/11/2014

25. This free Halloween design might be made into a long pillow some day.
Designed by Nancy Boyarsky
Glory Bee
14 ct Fiddlers Light Aida
Started 7/29/2014, Finished 7/29/2014

24. This is the third Advent Animal, to be made into a Christmas ornament.
"Mary Mouse"
Designed by Brooke Nolan
14 ct Silver Starlite Aida
Started 7/24/2014, Finished 7/28/2014

23. My oldest WIP is finally finished and I can display it for Christmas every year now!
"Stained Glass Nativity"
Designed by Wayne Maurer
Sunset Designs needlepoint
10 ct cotton mesh canvas, 100% wool yarn
Finished size 10" x 20"
Started 1980, Finished 7/23/2014

22. This is a gift for my son, since Milla Jovovich was his favorite actress!

Designed by Pau
18 ct tan Aida
Started 1/11/2014, Finished 7/13/2014

21. This is part 1 of 3 on Very Scary Mystery Sampler.
30 ct Tin Roof linen
Started 7/25/2012, Finished 7/1/2014

20. This is part 8 of 12 on Boo! Club.
Boo! Club series
28 ct Prairie Grain linen
Started 1/16/2014, Finished 6/28/2014

19. This is my daughter's zodiac sign and is a gift for her.
Designed by Kai & Denis Chabault
14 ct red Aida
Started 2/27/2012, Finished 6/25/2014

18. This will be framed with The Sorcerer below!
"The Sorceress"
Dimensions #6733
14 ct Ivory Aida
Started 1/26/2014, Finished 6/24/2014

17. This will be a gift for my friend, along with The Sorceress.
"The Sorcerer"
Dimensions #6689
14 ct Ivory Aida
Started 1/13/2011, Finished 6/12/2014

16. This is the second Advent Animal, to be made into a Christmas ornament.
"Peter Polar Bear"
Designed by Brooke Nolan
14 ct Green Starlite Aida
Started 5/22/2014, Finished 5/29/2014

15. This will be a funny Halloween ornament.  The theme this month was Monsters.
Raise the Roof Designs
32 ct tan linen
Started 5/27/2014, Finished 5/28/2014

14. This can be a cute Halloween or Christmas ornament!
Designed by Maja Matyas Szilagyi
18 ct green hand-dyed Aida
Started 4/30/2014, Finished 5/1/2014

13. I stitched this owl freebie to make a Halloween ornament.
"O is for Owl"
Designed by Erica Michaels
14 ct Fiddlers Lite Aida
Started 4/27/2014, Finished 4/30/2014

12. My first Easter cross stitch finish!
16 ct Angel Blush Aida
Started 1/4/2014, Finished 4/18/2014

11. This is part 5 of 12 in Santa's 12 Days of Christmas.
Book No. 126
Designed by Pamela Byrd Smith
The Prairie Schooler
28 ct mushroom evenweave
Started 11/17/2013, Finished 4/13/2014

10. The first of 25 Advent Animals, to be made into ornaments.
"Katie Kitty"
Designed by Brooke Nolan
14 ct Rainbow Starlite Aida
Started 4/1/2014, Finished 4/3/2014

9. My Halloween ornament for March.
Designed by Barbara Ana
18 ct hand-dyed orange Aida
Started 3/26/2014, Finished 3/27/2014

8. A free St. Patrick's Day design that will be an ornament or flat fold.
Designed by Marcia Singleton
14 ct white Aida
Started 3/12/2014, Finished 3/16/2014

7. A free Halloween design that I can also display in my Wizard of Oz collection!
Designed by Sue Hillis
Sue Hillis Designs, Inc.
Started 1/11/2012, Finished 3/10/2014

6. This will be another Halloween ornament.
"Smiley Face Dracula"
Stoney Creek Collection magazine, October 2008
14 ct gold-dusted Stardust Aida
Started 2/24/2014, Finished 2/26/2014

5. The front of a 2-sided hanging sign made for my daughter.
Designed by Claire Findlay
14 ct mint parfait Aida
Started 2/28/2012, Finished 2/23/2014

4. A traveling pattern from a friendly stitcher on Facebook.
Designed by Sandra Cox Vanosdall
The Sweetheart Tree
14 ct Ecru Aida
Started 1/20/2014, Finished 2/21/2014

3. A free Christmas Mystery SAL.
Designed by Paulette Stewart
Plum Street Samplers
18 ct Fiddler's cloth
Started 9/30/2013, Finished 2/14/2014

2. My first Halloween ornament for 2014.
Sheena Rogers Designs
14 ct black Aida
Started 2/2/2014, Finished 2/2/2014

1. My first finish of 2014 was a traveling pattern.
"Life's a Stitch"
14 ct Desert Rose Rustico Aida
Started 1/3/2014, Finished 1/29/2014

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