Sunday, January 13, 2013

Turtle Trot SAL - January

Claudette of BAP-Attack has started a new stitch-a-long called the Turtle Trot SAL.  You can sign up on her blog HERE.  Just post pictures of 13 projects you would like to work on in 2013 (not necessarily finish).  Take your time and stitch how much or little you like.  Then post progress pics on what you have done by the 13th of each month.  Very simple and no pressure!  Here are my 13 that I have chosen to make some progress on this year.  I will also keep pics of them on my Turtle Trot SAL page.

1. Stained Glass Nativity

2. Universal Unity

3. Thomas Kinkade's Lamplight Bridge

4. The Sorcerer

5. Flaming June

6. All's Good in the Hood

7. Merry Christmas

8. Disney Princess Birth Announcement

9. Passione Ricamo Fairy Mystery SAL

10. Day of the Dead

11. Majestic Eagle (haven't started yet)

12. Orange Poppies (haven't started yet)

13. Canyon Waterfall

Thank you for watching my progress!  Happy Stitching, everyone!


sharine said...

Can't wait to see them come to life:)

Kat said...

So many projects. I'm excited to watch them grow.

Ruth said...

Great choices and I'm looking forward to seeing them.

Lesleyanne said...

Lovely projects.

Linda said...

Great projects Debbie. Looking forward to seeing the progress on each one.


Lija said...

Is there much to be done on the bridge one? It looks almost done. I like that one and the animals a lot. Good luck on the stitching!

Claudette497 said...

Those poppies are glorious! Good luck!