Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Two Mystery Stitch-A-Longs!

As if I don't have enough stitchy starts already (see my WIPocalypse page for the full list), I have just signed up for two Mystery SALs!  I didn't want to feel left behind when I start seeing everyone's update photos on their blogs, so I jumped right on in to the Lizzie*Kate Mystery Sampler Club.  There will be three charts, sent in June, July, and August, to make a Halloween themed mystery sampler.  I ordered my supplies online from Stitch & Frog.

I also signed up for Passione Ricamo's Fairy Mystery SAL.  A page of the chart will be sent each month for a whole year (12 parts).  The cost is 12 Euros, which is $15.37.

Who knows if I will be able to keep up with these SALs, but at least I'll have the charts and can go at my own pace.  Does anyone want to join me?

Happy Stitching, everyone!


Jennifer M. said...

I'm doing the Lizzie Kate one. Can't guarantee I will be keeping up with it BUT! I will do my best. ;D


Parsley said...

Sounds fun. I might look at it!

Carrie said...

It does sound like fun. Chelle and I are starting our first stitch-a-long soon but I might have to check these out too!

Chelle said...

If anyone need ANOTHER project, please check out my blog at www.thenextbeststitch.blogspot.com. Carrie and I chose a really cute Diane Arthurs Santa and snowmen.

I have so many new projects that I am totally overwhelmed, so I am going to bow out of this one. Hopefully next time! A mystery one sounds fun.


sandy98221 said...

Debbie, I started a group for Lizzie Kate's SAL over on The Stitchers Village. Come join us there if you'd like and I could join yours too! I'm excited to get my first package in the mail.


Unknown said...

I am going to be stitching the Lizzie*Kate Mystery Sampler, I will have to check out that site.

Debbie, I have tagged you on my blog. Go check it out and have fun!