Saturday, June 23, 2012

A flamingo, a witch, and a finish!

BBQ Queen update #12
On my Wednesday SAL of Diane Arthurs designs with Linda, the flamingo has appeared, but now he needs legs!
Cackle update #2
On my Monday SAL with Linda, I have almost finished the black witch.  She needs legs, too!
Harley-Davidson logo (small) finished!
Hurray!  I finished the Harley-Davidson logo for my dad.  I have the right size magnet to attach it to, but I'm still trying to decide whether I should use spray adhesive, regular glue, or double-sided tape!

"Harley-Davidson logo"
Started 2/17/2012, Finished 6/22/2012


Lesleyanne said...

Great progress on your wips. Love your Harley Davidson finish.

Lumiruusu said...

You have been a busy stitcher as allways! :)

I love your pink flamingo even without the legs :)

Claudette497 said...

Holy moly - a finish a day it seems like! Looks great!

dulcinella said...

Your dad will be very pleased with your stitching! Lovely progress overal. I just love the Bbq queen!

sharine said...

Great finish. I'm sure your dad will love it!

Jennifer M. said...

Lovely stitching. I really like that Diane Arthurs one you are doing. :)


McKenna C. said...

They all look great. Congrats on the finish! I'm sure he'll love it!


Shelleen said...

Congrats on your finish. You are moving right along on your WIPs.

Caitlin @ Naughts Cross Stitches said...

lovely finish :D an gorgeous stitching :D

Unknown said...

where did you find the pattern for the Harley Davidson Logo? Please let me know..
Love it

SoCal Debbie said...

Pam, you have noreply-comment so I couldn't write back to you by email.

I stitched a large design and also a small design. I found both free charts on this French website:

This is the link to the small Harley-Davidson logo. I stitched it on perforated paper and glued it to a magnet sheet for the fridge.

This is the link to the large Harley-Davidson logo. The only change I made on the large chart was the border on the right side. It should be 2 squares wide (like the left side) instead of only 1 square.

Happy Stitching!

Unknown said...

Thank You Debbie,
I didn't realize I didn't leave an email or accept replies. But thanks for responding about the Harley Davidson pattern.
I appreciate it very much.
Thanks again, Pam