Friday, June 1, 2012

TUSAL #5 and vacation photos!

Yes, my TUSAL posting is almost two weeks late!  I was on vacation at Yosemite National Park and barely stitched at all, only finishing the orange X's on the word MOTOR (they were only half-stitches before).  Today I did the black border, and now all that is left is the black between the letters.
Harley-Davidson logo update #11
The month of May wasn't very productive in the cross stitch department!  I didn't keep up with any of my SALs and didn't have any finishes at all.  My goal for June is to finish at least five of my many starts that are close to being done anyway.

Here are some lovely vacation photos to enjoy!  You can click on each one to make it full screen size.
This is the first view of Yosemite valley after driving through a mile-long tunnel in the mountain.  El Capitan is on the left, Half Dome in the distance in the center, and Bridal Veil Falls on the right.
 This is Vernal Falls from a distance as we were hiking uphill.
 This is Vernal Falls as we got closer.  I didn't make it to the very top though.  This was close enough!
 We floated down the river on a raft and got this great photo of Half Dome.
This is upper and lower Yosemite Falls.  Notice the RV and cars at the bottom, so you can realize how massive this is!  There were many other waterfalls to see also.
We drove through the snow at higher elevations and saw this little guy who looked like he wanted a ride!


sharine said...

Great photos! And I'm sure you have some finishes soon.

Otter said...

Love the photos. I've never been there so it's nice to see what wilderness is still out there for people to explore.

Can't wait to see your finishes.

Ruth said...

Oh wow breathtaking photos's, loved seeing them. The Harley piece is very nearly there now best of luck with your June goal.

Lesleyanne said...

Your photos are gorgeous. Lovely progress on Harley.

Nurdan said...

In my opinion, Yosemite is one of the treasures of the World!!
Photos are amazing! Thanks for your sharing.

Harley looks great too...

Kaisievic said...

Fantastic photos - I had hoped that we might make a day trip to Yosemite when we were in SF but it was not to be. Thanks for taking me there after all.

Linda said...

Harley's almost done. Yeah!! Are you trying to make me look bad? Your gonna finish 5 pieces this month?? Love the Yosemite pics. I live so close, and have never been there.


Rosemary said...

Wow, those photos are superb. I would love to come out West and visit Yosemite with my husband.

The Harley Davidson project is looking really good and I can't wait to see your finishes! Go, Debbie, go!!!!

Anonymous said...


I love your Harley-Davidson logo it's great.

Your photos are stunning, love the little guy in the last one he looks so fed-up.
Happy stitching!

mdgtjulie said...

Gorgeous vacation photos, Debbie. I love them all. I've never been, so it's all interesting to me. And your Harley Davidson project is looking great. I love that fabby. It's wonderful!!!

McKenna C. said...

Looks like you're almost finished! Great work! The pictures are beautiful! I hope you didn't give the little guy a ride. :D


Beth Pearce said...

Yosemite is like my most favorite place on earth - you took some beautiful pictures of it! Looks like there was plenty of water in them thar falls which is not always the case. Stitching can always wait when you had the choice of putting your attention units on that gorgeous place!

Hely said...

OMG the views are just amazing! Beautiful! Would love to go there one day myself :)