Saturday, November 12, 2011

Two finishes and two SAL updates!

Hurray!  I know it's creepy, but I cross stitched the Ant for my aunt!  (She collects them.)  Now I just have to find a frame.  I found this free pattern on

Designed by Ann Logan
Started 10/21/2011, Finished 11/9/2011

When I visit my aunt, I will also visit my grandma and give her this walker bag sewn by Dona with the finished Violets Teacup cross stitch that I made from a free pattern from Vermillion Stitchery.  There are four pockets in the front and two in the back and a big one in the center.  It hangs on the walker and the ties are attached at the sides.  I bought the purple roses fabric and purple corduroy at Jo-Ann's.  Dona sews a lot of these walker bags with cross stitch pieces made by members of World of Charity Stitching to donate to nursing home residents.

Now for the SAL updates!  Linda and I are stitching Dog House Sampler on Wednesdays.  I didn't make very much progress, only stitched the big dog bone.

This is update #8 on our Friday SAL of Trick or Treat by Ursula Michael.  I stitched the letter K and some spider webs.  Next week I plan to do a few more letters.  When we finish the Dog House Sampler, we will stitch Trick or Treat two days a week so we can finish it before January.  You can see Linda's progress HERE.

If you're interested in the Q-Snap huggies, I buy them from Christine's Q-Snap Huggies.  She sews them up in a jiffy!


Ranae said...

That ant looks so 3-D like
Oh! I lave that violets bag, the fabric is perfect.
You stitched only the bone??!!
That's a big bone, lol
The SAL is coming along great

Peggy said...

The walker bag that Dona sewed using your beautiful violet piece is wonderful, Debbie. I know your grandma was love it.

Linda said...

Hi Debbie. I love the violets on the walker bag. The ant is really neat. Your SAL pieces are coming along great. TorT looks awesome with the spider web.


Claudette497 said...

Great job finishing the ant and the bag!

sharine said...

I love your dog sampler. Great updates.