Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Getting ready for 2012!

It's a busy time of year, as I'm trying to finish a few more projects from my Crazy January Challenge 2011, and get ready for the CJC 2012!  I'm also stitching some Christmas gifts and another square for a WOCS quilt.

I have joined the Crazy January Challenge 2012 Yahoo group and the CrosstitchCrazy 2012 Facebook group.  The challenge is to start a new cross stitch project each day for the first 15 days in January, then finish them in 2012.  Niina suggested an Ultimate Crazy January Challenge by starting a new project every day in January, for a total of 31.  Yes, I signed up for it and I have my list with pics on its own page, Ultimate Crazy January Challenge 2012.

I bought several charts from Needle Delights, where Kathy is having a going-out-of-business sale.  She has hundreds of designer charts at rock-bottom prices.  There are no pictures, but you can Google the images or refer to 123-Stitch.

I also signed up for the Totally Useless Stitch-Along (TUSAL) for 2012 on Daffycat's blog.  We post a pic of our ORT (old ratty threads) jar every new moon in 2012.

I also signed up for the 2012 WIPocalypse on Measi's blog.  We post pics of all of our WIP every full moon in 2012.

I also signed up for the Oldest UFO SAL on Evalina's blog.  We post a pic of our oldest UFO (with hopefully some progress) on the last day of the month.

Linda (Stitchin' with My Furbabies) and I are stitching a lot of the same charts in the UCJC, so we will be having SALs all year long!  Feel free to join us if you are stitching any of the same charts.

Here is a glimpse into my everyday life!  I work at home; can you tell?


Teresa S. said...

You are a joining type of gal for sure! I finally gave in and joined the 2012 Crazy January Challenge yahoo group (don't do Facebook). I have made my list and checked it twice (whoops, that is somebody else :)
I'll be watching your progress with interest-especially the oldest UFO SAL :)

Anonymous said...

I've signed up for a few...i need more human interaction...i'm need to stop being a loner..lol

Lesleyanne said...

Your are going to be very busy. I can't wait to see your stitching in 2012.

Measi said...

You're going to be busy, busy busy!

I've joined the TUSAL again (my 4th year for it) and the Crazy January challenge. I can't quite do the extreme version - I have far too many WIPs and UFOs that need tending to next year. I'll be in the Oldest UFO SAL as well.

And of course, running the WIPocalypse, which should be a blast.

It's going to be a busy 2012 - hopefully our needles will be smoking!

Unknown said...

Deb your going to be very busy next year. I'm with you on the 2012 Challenge on facebook.

Lisa Dunn said...

Those are the cutest coworkers I have ever seen! I would love to smooze at the copier with them. :o) I would even rub their shoulders if they were having to do a lot of typing at the computer. :o)

I have joined in all those things too. I'm also seriously thinking about joining in with you and Linda on your Halloween House SAL. That is such a cute chart!

Tricia T said...

WOW! You are going to be one busy girl!!!! Good for you! I have some big projects on the horizon that will keep me busy next year, so no Crazy Challenge for me this time. Sad... I know.

BTW, that picture of your car is amazing. So glad that you are doing better!!