Sunday, November 20, 2011

A to Z about me!

I just read this list on Denise's blog, Country Stitcher, and decided to copy it and post a list about me, too!

A - Age: 48
B - Bed size: full
C - Chore that you hate: dusting
D - Dogs: yellow Labrador retriever/Mastiff mix named Teddy & Sheltie/German shepherd mix named Sophie
E - Essential start to your day: cold cereal
F - Favorite color: red
G - Gold or silver: gold
H - Height: 5'7"
I - Instruments you play: learned to play piano when I was a kid, but never touch it anymore
J - Job title: medical transcriptionist (working from home)
K - Kids: 1 son, 1 daughter - Christopher and Christina
L - Live: in sunny southern California!
M - Make of car: no car since accident last December (see pic below)
N - Nicknames: my kids' friends call me Miss Debbie
O - Overnight hospital stays: 2 baby deliveries, then 2 weeks after car accident (see pic below)
P - Pet peeves: misspelled words
Q - Quote from a movie: "We're off to see the wizard!"
R - Right or left handed: right
S - Siblings: 2 younger brothers
T - Time you wake up: 5 minutes before I start work (working from home)
U - Underwear: granny panties
V - Veggie you hate: brussel sprouts
W - What makes you run late: my inherited family genes (LOL)
X - X-rays you had: dental, chest, arms and legs (after the car accident)
Y - Yummy food that you make: pumpkin bread
Z - Zoo animal favorite: polar bears

I still don't have a car since the accident last December 1, 2010.  I was hit by a drunk driver and my car caught on fire and rolled several times.  I was in one hospital for a week, then transferred to another hospital for another week.  I stayed at my mom's house for two months, then finally came back home.  I went back to work after six months, but I work from home so I don't have to drive anywhere!  But with all that time off work, I certainly got my cross-stitching mojo back and I'm so happy to stitch, stitch, stitch again!
Whenever I do get a new car, I will be sure to post a picture on my blog!  Then I can drive to Michael's, Jo-Ann's, or Hobby Lobby every day if I want to! 


Peggy said...

My goodness Debbie. You are lucky to be alive from the looks of your totaled car. (My grown son, bless his heart, is an alcoholic, lost his licence many years ago and doesn't drive, but not due to an accident thank goodness; however, he is in a program and is going to one or two AA meetings each day, so he is okay for now.)
Glad you made it and are here with us today. We love having you stitch for World of Charity Stitching.
Love, Peggy

country stitcher said...

Enjoyed reading your A - Z. and glad you came thru the accident and stitching up a storm. Thanks for sharing.
Happy Thanksgiving

Rhona said...

OMG...I certainly wasn't expecting a picture like that - so glad you are ok.
Loved you A - Z....might have to pinch that!

Lisa Dunn said...

Yikes! I'm glad you weren't hurt worse in that accident.

I enjoyed reading your A to Z. :o)

blue star stitcher said...

That A-Z was a good idea, so glad you survived such a scary accident.

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