Saturday, January 18, 2014

Crazy January start #15

Day #15 of the Ultimate Crazy January Challenge is Samantha from the Cats in Hats series by Kitty and Me Designs.  I'm making this one for my mom.  She has a white cat with two different colored eyes so I will try to make the changes in this chart to show the different eye colors.  I'm stitching on 18 ct light blue Aida and it will be about 3" x 4".
Cats in Hats - Samantha
This is a more accurate picture of the blue fabric.
Cats in Hats - Samantha

I found another cute kitty chart in my WIPocalypse list that I started for the Crazy January Challenge in 2012.  This is Gatitos (Spanish for kittens), a free chart from a Spanish website,  I stitched more pink in the bow but I'm missing the darkest pink color for the border.  I think I'll have to dip into my Stitch from Stash budget for this one! This will be 4" x 12" on 16 ct white Aida.
Gatitos update #2
The month is half over!  Only 16 more new starts to go!


Linda said...

Love your new start on the blue fabric. Gatitos is a great design. Looking forward to seeing progress on both of them. And you still don't have all the DMC floss yet!! lol


Ranae said...

Adorable kitty stitches

Kaisievic said...

Love both of your two new kitty cat starts. Both are so cute!

Katie said...

Another great set. I'm more of a dog person but these charts are pretty non the less haha. I always need at least 1 DMC it seems.

ricketyjo said...

All your stitching for the January Challenge is looking great!

Basia said...

Wow, you are doing the version with 30 starts! Best of luck! Very cute cats :)

Julie said...

Kitty and Me designs are so lovely, your little cat is adorable.
I was a member of a mystery project some years ago with Kitty & Me and lovely black cat called Smokie Joe sits looking at me on my wall here.

Vicky L said...

Beautiful Kitty stitches! I love kittens and cats. I can't wait to see more.