Thursday, January 16, 2014

Crazy January start #13

Day #13 of the Ultimate Crazy January Challenge is Boos Brothers from the Halloweenies chart by Sue Hillis Designs.  I've only stitched their hats and sunglasses.  Do you think I should use glow-in-the-dark floss for their bodies?  This is stitched on 14 ct black Aida and will be 3.5" x 5.5".
Halloweenies (Boos Brothers)
Looking through my WIPocalypse list, I found Boo! Club hasn't been stitched on since last July.  Today I started "Fright" which is part 8 of this 12-part design.  I stitched part of the border and the yellow moon.
Boo! Club (Fright)
We had two earthquakes the last two nights, at 1:35 a.m. and then 1:50 a.m. the next night.  The epicenter was less than a mile from my home so they felt a lot bigger than they actually were, 4.4 and 3.2 magnitude, actually bouncing the bed off the floor!  It's also been very windy and hot in the 80s.  A wildfire started this morning, grew from 50 acres to over 1700 acres in a few hours and is burning down houses.  This is about 25 miles away.  How is the weather where you live?


Linda said...

Oh my Debbie. I hope the wildfire isn't close to you. Glad to know that the earthquakes didn't cause any damage. Love your new start and perfect match with Boo Club. I think the glow in the dark floss would be awesome.


Katie said...

Great start. I think the glow in the dark thread would look great but I think it's a pain to work with. So for all that stitching you might not want to. Plus how often do you have the finished piece in the dark to look at it? LOL

I've never experienced an earthquake. Glad it wasn't any worse for you. I've been watching The Weather Channel and they keep showing the fires in CA. I hope they stay away from you. Right now we are getting snow. It amounted to a quick inch and a half at least. Heavy winds also. So there are accidents everywhere. Glad I just get to stay inside. Next week we are supposed to go below zero again though so I guess 27 degrees is warm haha.

Sandie said...

Sorry I left a comment and it went through 3 times! I tried to delete 2, but it deleted them all!
I DID say that I'd leave the Boo Brothers with white bodies. I love that series.
Wow! Two disasters - hope there's not a third one around the corner. Sat safe and keep stitching to calm you down! Here we still have rain, temps about 7-10C. But at least we are far enough away from all those storms which have struck the south coast and Wales.

Linda said...

Hope you keep safe and sound with no more earthquakes and no fires reaching you. It's cold, wet and miserable in my part of the world.

Christiane Garcia said...

Debbie, I am very glad that the earthquake did not cause harm to you.
Here in Brazil earthquakes are not common. It's hot and it rains a lot in the late afternoon.
Your start is amazing! :)

Kaisievic said...

Luckily for us, earthquakes are uncommon here in Melbourne. Yours sound frightening. Weather is abominably hot here at the moment!

Jan Jones said...

Oh goodness I hope the earthquake didn't break anything and the fires missed your neighborhood. WOW you have quite the wipocalypse list. I'm sending you good wishes and a steady "frog free" needle to get that list knocked down.

Brigitte said...

Oh my, these Boo Brothers are hilarious, lol. I love them.

We rarely experience earthquakes here, the last one was three or four years ago at a magnitude between 4 and 5, but no damages as far as I know. But we could feel it, of course.

I hope that the wildfires have been extinguished by now. Fortunately we don't have wildfires here.

Julie said...

Boo's Brothers made me giggle ... The Blues Brothers in one of my hubbys favourite films!

Caitlin Jordan said...

I hope there was no damage! The weather is uncomfortably hot here and fires are breaking out but it is summer so it's not unusual. Gorgeous stitching

Shebafudge said...

Hope everything is ok after the earthquakes? Not sure I would want to experience the bed bouncing!

I think glow in the dark thread would look brilliant for that design. I can't wait to see more progress.

Emma/Itzy said...

Glow in the dark thread would be a great idea, but from what I hear it can be difficult to work with, maybe some thread heaven might be in order!

How scary about the earthquakes, we apparently had one a couple of years back, I slept through the whole thing! haha x

Miamina said...

Wow, that weather sounds awful and the earthquakes must be scary!

I love the Halloween projects, they are always such fun!