Friday, November 16, 2012

November 13-15, per Random Number Generator!

I'm having so much fun using the Random Number Generator to help me decide what to stitch each day!  I'm glad that so many WIPs are getting more attention now, instead of just sitting in a box and waiting.

November 13 - #9 Hummingbird.  This is a free chart by Teresa Wentzler and can be found HERE.  I started this on Day #3 of the UCJC.  It is on 16 ct Angel Blush Aida and will be 4.25" square.  The leaves and flowers are stitched over 2, and the hummingbird will be stitched over 1.  I did all the green in the leaves today.  The white border is done with perle cotton.
Hummingbird update #2
November 14 - #22 Cut Thru' Pirate Ship.  This was my Day #23 start of the Ultimate Crazy January Challenge, but after my first day of stitching, I realized that the fabric was turned the wrong way!  So today I did some reverse stitching and frogged out everything I had stitched before.  It's time for a fresh start!  It seemed to take me all day to get these stitches out on 18 ct Aida and I'm frustrated, so I'm going to put it away for now.  You can buy the chart in the USA HERE.
Cut Thru' Pirate Ship (fabric turned the wrong way)
Cut Thru' Pirate Ship (ready to start again)
November 15 - #37 Dance of the Geckos.  I found this free cross stitch chart HERE.  I started this one in the Super Duper Ultimate Crazy February Challenge but haven't touched it since.  It will be a gift for my mom and is stitched on 14 ct black Aida using DMC Light Effects floss.  I finished the purple gecko, but it still needs gold metallic floss for the eyes and the design on its back.  There will be two more geckos in other colors.
Dance of the Geckos update #1


Annette-California said...

Oh my. You are having fun - lots of oldies are getting attention from you:) Great job.
love Annette

Melinda said...

I love reading your posts. Love all your WIPS. Thanks so much for sharing the freebie links. Downloaded the hummingbird, it is so pretty.

McKenna C. said...

They all look great! Sorry you had to frog all that out. :P


gracie said...

Thanks for the link.. I love hummingbirds. I am looking forward to seeing your finish.

blue star stitcher said...

I like dance of the geckos on that dark fabric!

Linda said...

Great progress Debbie (oops! except on one) lol. Love the gecko on the black fabric.


Caitlin Jordan said...

Gorgeous stitching.

Katie said...

Great progress! Hummingbird is going to be so lovely. :) I'm sorry to hear about all that frogging, that's no fun.

sharine said...

Great stitching. So does Pirate Ship count as a new start?;)

Denise said...

Love to see what you are working on. that ramdom generator idea is working pretty good. I too love the freebie by Teresa Wentzler and I will be downloading it for a future project. Thanks
Happy Stitching

Kaisievic said...

The random generator has become your new best friend! Great progress. Love the blush fabbie.

Meari said...

The hummingbird is going to look gorgeous on that pink fabric.