Wednesday, November 14, 2012

November 10-12, per Random Number Generator!

I hope to finish some more of my Ultimate Crazy January Challenge starts before the end of the year.  The Random Number Generator chose these designs.  It's still fun to see the winning number pop up!

November 10 - #21 Pac-Man.  The only video games I ever played at the arcade were Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man, very simple ones with only a joystick.  I couldn't handle anything more complicated than that!  Does anyone remember back in the day when you had to go somewhere and bring quarters to play pinball machines and video games?  This was hundreds of years ago before you could play video games in your own home!  I stitched more yellow and light blue outlining.  This is on 14 ct black Aida.  I'm making this one for me!
Pac-Man update #1
November 11 - #47 Leo.  This is a free chart from Stitch Alley.  I started this one in February and today I stitched more of the lion's head.  I'm making this one for my daughter, since her zodiac sign is Leo.  It is simple black on red 14 ct Aida.
Leo update #1
November 12 - #41 Noel.  I started this ornament in February but haven't touched it since.  Today I stitched the letters E and L.  I'm glad the Random Number Generator picked this one to stitch.  In fact, I'm happy whatever WIP is chosen!
Noel update #1


Linda said...

Great progress on all the pieces Debbie. Looks like your really having funny working on a different one each. I am thinking about it, but not until Feb.


sharine said...

Great progress. It must be a bit like the lotto waiting to see what comes next:)

Samplers, Silks and Linens said...

who knew you could stitch the pac man game? used to love that game - the colours look good against the black - happy stitching : )

Monique said...

The Noel one is just so cheery!

tadamama said...

Great progress, but I LOVE the Pac-Man game! That's awesome!

Caitlin Jordan said...

Gorgeous stitching.

DJH said...

Love the pac-man! Where did you get the pattern for that one?