Sunday, October 9, 2011

WOCS - Clown Carol - update #2

Since you've seen it last, I have stitched the rest of the face and filled in the diamonds on his bow-tie!  He will have a purple hat and green hair, then I will do the backstitching and this clown will be done!

If I wasn't stitching so much on the clown, I would have gotten more done on my SAL, Trick or Treat.  It will look like THIS when it's done!

Here is a cute sleepy-time pic of Blueberrie and Teddy.  My daughter was sleeping on the couch, too.  This is her cat and dog, so I assume she will take them with her when she moves out some day!


Linda said...

Hi Debbie, Great stitching as always. Love the clown. I just posted a pick of my Trick or Treat. Did you get my email about receiving the charts?


Beth said...

Your Clown Face is looking much more like a clown now - LOl Can't wait to see it finished.

Trick or Treat is going to be stunning - will be watching for further updates.

Linda said...

Hi Debbie, Love your clown. Trick or Treat is looking great.


Lesleyanne said...

Love your progress on your two wips. I can't wait to see more on Trick or Treat.

Chrizette said...

I am sure you will miss Blueberrie and Teddy when they are gone! I cannot imagine my life without my two four-legged babies! lol