Friday, October 7, 2011

Violets Teacup - update #3

Hurray! I'm finished with all the 7 shades of purple and 4 shades of gray!  Now all that is left is the 5 shades of green for the leaves, and the dreaded backstitching!  If anyone wants to stitch this freebie from Vermillion Stitchery, be sure to use 28ct evenweave or linen and stitch over 2, because this project is FULL of 1/4 and 3/4 stitches on every flower petal and especially the stripes on the cup and saucer.  The picture on the website sure looks a lot simpler than it actually turned out to be, but I'm glad that I followed through with it.

Now I'm going to stitch on something easy for awhile!


Mangogirl said...

But those are gorgeous colours! so much detail in the tiny flowers.

sharine said...

I love purple. It looks fantastic!

Linda said...

Great job Debbie. I hate doing quarter stitches. I was so happy when I found designers that don't use them. A few quarters are okay.
Dimensions kits don't use quarters.


Beth said...

Their charts are almost always very detailed - but work up beautifully. Yours is certainly doing that - looks fantastic!

OctoberLace said...

That's a very cute design! I forgot about seeing those teacups, so I just downloaded the three on the site. I think I have some of the animal baby designs, too. They might just go on my UCJC2012 list! Theresa