Monday, October 31, 2011

The Oldest UFO SAL!

Evalina has started "The Oldest UFO" stitch-along on her blog!  She is working on a sailboat UFO that she started 18 years ago.  I pulled out this needlepoint project that I started in 1980!  Wow!  That's 30+ years ago!  She has encouraged me to "get 'er done!"

Visit her blog, "this and that," to sign up.  Just post a pic of your oldest UFO on the last day of the month.  She is offering a prize, too!

I remember wandering into a LNS in December of 1980, when I was a senior in high school.  I saw this beautiful Stained Glass Nativity needlepoint kit and thought I would have it done by Christmas and proudly display it every year.  Sadly enough, it has never seen a Christmas yet!  I did end up dating the cute guy who framed needlework at the LNS, though!  LOL.


Linda said...

Hi Debbie, It doesn't look like you have much left on this. I haven't done needlepoint in 35 years. I still have several kits.


TammyK said...

Wow! That's wild that you still have UFO's that is 30+ years old and in that good condition. I'm rooting for ya to get it finished :-) Go Debbie!

Rita E in AZ said...

That's such a beautiful pattern and I look forward to following your progress as you finish it.

EvalinaMaria said...

It's a beautiful project, Im glad you decided to finish it! What happen to the cute guy from the frame shop?