Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Golden Wedding Sampler - framed!

Wow! That was quick! Beth framed this at her shop the day after I gave it to her, and I picked it up tonight. I will take a pic with my parents holding this when I give it to them.

Tonight I stitched on Fairies for the WOCS quilt. There will be two fairies flying together.


Carrie said...

Your parents are going to love this!

Pam said...

Seriously that sampler looks fabulous all framed up. What a great job was done of framing, and stitching of course...I love it. It will be fun seeing a picture of your folks holding it together.
Loving the fairies.. Can't wait to see your updates..

Ranae said...

I can bet your parents are going to be over the moon with the Wedding Sampler
It is gorgeous

Anonymous said...

The present turned out beautiful!