Sunday, June 1, 2014

Theme-A-Licious Menagerie May

The theme for last month was Menagerie May, "Is it a zoo in your stack of WIPs? How many projects can you find that include animals or birds?"

I have lots of WIPs with animals and birds and this was just the right incentive to stitch on some of them that have been ignored for awhile!

On Bird Nest (No 2), I stitched more of the pretty pink bird from Yiota's XStitch.  I started this one in the Ultimate Crazy January Challenge 2012.
Bird Nest (No 2) update #3
Yiota's XStitch kits come with all the floss on bobbins already.  Isn't this nice?

I stitched the other back leg on Leo, a freebie from Stitch Alley.
Leo update #5
I stitched an owl on Picnic Area.
Picnic Area update #7
I stitched another little bird on Thankful Critters.
Thankful Critters update #13
I also started stitching another crow and the basket on Fall Welcome.
Fall Welcome update #12
And here's another bird, a goose on Santa's 12 Days of Christmas!  The gap in the middle is where Santa's arm is holding him.
Santa's 12 Days of Christmas (Day 6) update #2
Santa's 12 Days of Christmas (Day 6) update #2
I filled in the rest of the raccoon and started the zebra on Universal Unity. This is on a 14" x 17" Q-snap.  Since I'm right-handed, I turn it upside-down to stitch the zebra so it will be closer to the right side.  Do any of you stitch your designs upside-down, too? 
Universal Unity update #17
Check in on Heather's blog, It's Geek to Me, to see links to more blog posts with the animals theme this month!

Heather sent me this amazing prize package for suggesting the theme for April Showers.  All the goodies have the "water" theme.  She sent an April Showers chart from Country Cottage Needleworks and a kit to make a Lighthouse scissors charm. The fabric colors are Seafoam and Neptune blue.  But the most amazing part is the floss with names like Tropical Ocean, Mediterranean, Seafan, Silver Icicle, and Sea Turtle!  She included a vinyl project pouch to protect my WIPs from getting wet! Thank you so very much, Heather!
April Showers Theme-a-licious prize package!
The theme for this month will be June Jolt, "School's out for the summer! Let's work on things with sunshine in them or REALLY bright colors.  Summer is here!" (Northern Hemisphere... LOL)

My WIPs with sunshine and bright colors are Stained Glass Nativity, The Sorcerer and The Sorceress, Flaming June, Pac-Man, Holiday Cheer, Thankful Critters, Fractal 156 bookmark, Dance of the Geckos, Triple Jack-o-Lanterns, Beach Babe, Basket of Fruit, Orange Poppies, Jacks are Wild, Trick or Treat Greeting, and Believe.

I'm looking forward to making some progress on these to share with you on July 1! Happy Stitching, everyone!


Annette-California said...

WOW You made some great progress on all your wips - so pretty! LOVE LOVE what Heather sent you! Perfect for some summer stitching.
love Annette

Brigitte said...

This was a great monthly theme and you made great progress on your WIPs. I think I would have stitched birds the whole month long, lol.

Pull the other thread said...

Absolutely wonderful progress on your projects. You are doing so well on Universal Unity. I love the colours in birds nest. What a fantastic package from Heather.

blue star stitcher said...

What a fun theme for the month! That green linen is a perfect color for Picnic area. All your projects are looking great.

Rhona said...

Great progress! What a fun theme. Love the goodies you won and the names of the threads are fantastic!

Julie said...

You certainly fulfilled last month brief, lots of lovely progress.

A lovely parcel you received.

Mary Ann said...

Lots of wonderful progress! And, the "water" themed prize package from Heather is fabulous!!

KimM said...

Boy, oh boy, can you stitch up a storm! The progress you have made is amazing.

cucki said...

Wow they all so pretty x

Giovanna said...

You're doing great on all your WIPs, well done!

Linda said...

Amazing progress Debbie. You got so much done on each one. You'll have dozens of finishes at the same time. I'm still in love with UU. You should send it to me when its done. Love the colors in bird nest. Lovely gifts from Heather.


Penny said...

That is quite a collection of critters! :) Lovely stitching on all of them! Pretty colors on Bird Nest and nice that the floss is already separated and wound. What a wonderful package from Heather!

Beth in IL said...

Nice to see all your progress. What fun themes!

zenuwpees said...

Belle avancé pour toutes les broderies Marie-Claire

Rachael said...

i've never thought about stitching upside down for stitching the left side, I might have to give that a try and see how it works out. And yes, I do love kits with presorted threads!

DUSTY said...

WOW !! Your needles must be smoking !! Great stitching progress !! I love Universal Unity !!

Jacquie Morris said...

Love ALL of your stitching... gosh your animals are looking wonderful in the Universal Unity project. Ooooh your santas are also looking good too... in fact I love all your stitching!! Have you started hour mouse yet? I have other projects on the go at the moment but hope tot start it soon :)
Smiles :)

Isabella Morais said...

My favorite is universal unity :D So gorgeous!!!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

What a sensible idea - choosing the projects at the BEGINNING of the month instead of waiting until the end and trying to shoe-horn everything in!!

Your prize is lovely, I bet there was more water when you opened it, those tears of joy :-)

Wendy said...

you managed to get a lot done this month. You have got a lot of WIPs! So have I, but very few of them are cross stitch. For some reason I start a cross stitch and tend to finish it- there's just one exception to that!

Macy Fernandes said...

Wow. Awesome work. :)

Check out and follow my blog. I post every day things, projects im working, i'll upload a pattern a day, family recipes, home-made cards, etc.

Katie said...

Gorgeous work on all your too beautiful pieces. No I have never stitched upside down. You are just goofy haha. Can't wait to see your next post.

Congrats on the wonderful goodies.

jocondine said...

So many works... I love the lion so majestic look and the gooses too. xxx

geeky Heather said...

I am SO glad you like the prize pack! =) I loved looking at all your animal projects! So many I've never seen before...that is what I love about this whole theme thing...shaking out my stash and then seeing what shakes out of others' stash!!