Tuesday, July 3, 2012

WIPocalypse update #7 and lots of SAL updates!

Trick or Treat update #14
I haven't touched this one in 3 months, so I finally made some progress on the purple hat.  After the hat is finished, I need to add the word "OR" and a few more spiderwebs and it will be done!  So it looks like this one will make it off my WIPocalypse page and onto the Finishes 2012 page pretty soon!  Be sure to check in on Measi's blog to post your WIPocalypse update, too.

I've had two finishes since the last WIPocalypse update.  French Country~Lark was stitched for a quilt for World of Charity Stitching.
French Country~Lark finished!
I made a small Harley-Davidson logo into a magnet for my dad (shown on his black refrigerator).
Harley-Davidson logo (small) finished!
On my Monday SAL with Linda of Cackle, I have started to stitch the letters in variegated dark violet floss.  It will say, "Cackle and the world cackles with you.  Shriek and you shriek alone."  I'm using hand-dyed lavender Aida from Stitchnmomma.
Cackle update #4
On my Wednesday SAL with Linda of Diane Arthurs' designs (she has Lady Liberty and I have BBQ Queen), I have almost finished stitching the apron.  It's a lot of white on white so the progress pic doesn't look very different from last time.
BBQ Queen update #13
On my Friday SAL of Halloween House with 10 other stitchers, I have added more pumpkins in front of the fence, but they still need backstitching before they look as cute as the others!
Halloween House update #17
On my Saturday SAL of Prairie Schooler monthly designs with Linda and Rosemary, I have stitched two more flowers on April.  I want to finish this one before I start on May, June, or July.
Spring & Fall - April update #5
Have a happy stitchy summer, everyone!


robindefender said...

All of your pieces look great!

Shaunterria Owens said...

You are making great progress on all your projects Debbie! BBQ Queen is really taking shape, and I have added Halloween House to one of my wishlists because I like yours so much :) Keep crossing those x's!


Carrie said...

Everything looks great!

McKenna C. said...

They all look great! You look pretty close to finishing a few of them.


Beth Pearce said...

I think it is amazing that you keep progressing on so many of them. I get drawn into one and don't want to put it down for the others.

sharine said...

They all look great. I love Halloween House.

Lesleyanne said...

Trick or Treat looks gorgeous and it won't be long before it is finished. Great progress on your WIPs. I love the fabric colour you are using for Cackle.

Jennifer M. said...

Wow. Great stitching progress! They all look great. I need to pull out my HH and put some work into it. I have been neglecting it. :/


Annette-California said...

Oh Debbie, I am stunned at how many SAL's you are keeping up with. Great progress. They are all you super cute. Your Lark is beautiful. You inspire me:)

Always smiling said...

What a lovely variety of stitching,, well done


Donna said...

Such beautiful designs. I love all the halloween designs !!!



Rosemary said...

Happy stitchy summer to you! I love the progress you've made and your finishes are terrific. Your April project is nearly there, I think you'll fly through May, June and July (heh heh, fly - they are all birds, okay I hear the crickets).

lesli said...

Oh my gosh! look at all your progress! congratulations!! :)

Sara said...

Great progress!

Anonymous said...

All your stitching looks beautiful.

Ordinary girl said...

all of them is really great! i love them! the BBBBBQ queen looks eye-catcing! nice! keep it up ^_^ (www.stitchingRendezvous.Blogspot.com)

Mii said...

Love the witches hats!!!

Linda said...

Congrats on the finish. I love the lark and your SAL's look good.


Mangogirl said...

Gorgeous stitching! You must like Halloween