Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Starry Snowman ornament - finished!

This is another ornament from my Crazy January Challenge. I love how the kit came with the little plastic frame, but it sure was a pain to have 1/4 stitches on 18ct Aida!

"Starry Snowman"
Designs for the Needle
Started 2/26/2011, Finished 7/26/2011

My daughter just told me that she's going to Las Vegas this weekend, so the first thing I thought of was that I can get more stitching done on A Paris Kiss. It is a gift for her birthday in August. Now I'm counting down the days, 24 to go, but I should finish a week before so I can have it framed. Wish me luck!


GoldenAngelsWorks said...

Great finish!

Here's to wishing you lots of stitching time to get A PARIS KISS done!

Shelleen said...

Very cute snowman.

Nancy said...

A very busy time for her to be coming to Vegas. Big convention coming to town and starting on Sunday. Is she coming for that or just for fun? Love the snowman. He is cute.