Friday, December 31, 2010

An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away!

I am warming up my stitching fingers on this simple cross stitch picture.  I bought it at a thrift store for 25 cents.  I will give it to my mom's neighbor, who actually has a custom-made mailbox shaped like an apple, that also says "a day" on the post!  This is my progress after two days:

Tomorrow is the first day of the Crazy January Challenge!  I'm so excited to start!


Lyssa said...

You and I both =) I'm actually gonna stay up tonight and do some stitching so that I can start the challenge. Hubby thinks I'm crazy!! Happy New year to you!!!

Love the apple pattern by the way, very cute!!

Terri said...

Looks fantastic :) Glad to see you are recouping nicely :)