Sunday, July 27, 2014

Stitch from Stash July

Stitch From Stash Group 2014
Mel from Epic Stitching started a Stitch From Stash group to encourage us to stay on a budget of $25 or less per month for cross stitching.  Click the link to see the list of blogs that are participating.

My carry over from June was zero for a total budget of $25 this month.  Here is my check-in for July:

Amount Spent:  $9 - Disney cross stitch book on eBay

Now I have $16 to carry over for August.

New Starts from Stash:  Mary Mouse, Boo! Club (Brew).

WIPs or UFOs worked on:  Boo! Club (Fright), Very Scary Mystery Sampler, La Pensée Positive, "99", Alice from Resident Evil, Santa Hang-Up, Stained Glass Nativity, Santa's 12 Days of Christmas (Day 6), Cut Thru' North Pole House, Boo! Club (Brew), Mary Mouse.

Finishes:  Boo! Club (Fright), Alice from Resident Evil, Stained Glass Nativity.

What I was tempted to buy but didn't buy this month:

Wizard of Oz cross stitch pattern by AllStitches on Bonanza:


Vicky L said...

Great job!

Linda said...

Love your new book Debbie. I really like the chart that you didn't get.


sharine said...

Great new stash and I bet that Oz chart was hard to resist:)

Brigitte said...

A great SFS update.

KimM said...

Wow! I'm impressed - great job of staying in budget xxx

Southpaw Stitcher said...

The book looks like a great stash acquisition. Congrats on not spending your full $25. More money for next month!

Keebles said...

LOVE the Disney book, especially the Aurora! Hope you get around to it!

Julie said...

Well done this month.

Annette-California said...

Great Disney book. You did great.
I too like the chart you didn't get:) love Annette