Thursday, June 26, 2014

Stitch from Stash June (broke the budget!)

Stitch From Stash Group 2014
Mel from Epic Stitching started a Stitch From Stash group to encourage us to stay on a budget of $25 or less per month for cross stitching.  Click the link to see the list of blogs that are participating.

We can skip one month out of the year, so I broke the budget for June and followed Justine's suggestion:
3) My tip is: if you are going to use your free month, spend loads!!! - Justine @

I double-checked the rules just to be sure!
Remember you have one month you can not participate and cheat (lol). :) 

My carry over from May was zero for a total budget of $25 this month, plus a bonus $50 that we could spend, which I still went over, but I'm skipping this month so it doesn't count!  Here is my check-in for June:

Amount Spent:  $$$$$
Four Vervaco car kits from Herrschners

Riolis kits:  The Kiss by Klimt and Orange Poppies cell phone/camera bag from Herrschners

The Wizard of Oz chart from Little Stitcher Shop on Etsy

NASCAR and NHRA charts by Cruisin' Cross Stitch

Charts from Noahstitcher's Stash for Sale Facebook group

I was in a gift exchange in a Facebook cross stitching group and I bought charts, fabric, and floss for my partner and she sent this to me:  Army Emblem chart, Halloween Memories chart, Wire Whimsy Snowman, fabric, and an armchair pouch that she made herself.

While I was at the LNS buying my partner's gifts, I picked these up for myself!
Just Nan & The Sweetheart Tree charts with charms and beads.

New Starts from Stash:  None.  I'm in a challenge on a Facebook cross stitching group to finish my oldest WIP and not start anything new, which is certainly a challenge for me!

WIPs or UFOs worked on: Fall Welcome, Santa's 12 Days of Christmas (Day 6), Picnic Area, Leo, Thankful Critters, Universal Unity, Cut Thru' North Pole House, We're Off to See the Wizard, Harley-Davidson, Orange Poppies, "99", Majestic Eagle, The Sorcerer, The Sorceress, Boo! Club (Fright).

Finishes:  The Sorcerer, The Sorceress, Leo.

What I was tempted to buy but didn't buy this month:  Nothing!  I bought it ALL!


Bianca said...

What a great stash haul. It's always fun to cheat :)

Justine said...

Ha ha what great advice! You really followed it too. Lovely new stash. Sometimes you've just got to do it. I like the sound of that Facebook challenge. And look at you, showing off your latest finishes on your blog header! Well done, they are lovely.

Eugenia Maru said...

Estan lindos tus kits. Aca sólo podemos comprar en USA, lo cual nos sale bastante caro.
La hechicera quedo hermosa, hace perfecto juego con el hechicero. Muy lindos.
Gracias por pasar por mi blog.

Jacqueline Morris said...

OH MY!!! What wonderful things you have added to your stash! As I scrolled down your page I just felt my jaw dropping! WOW!! Wonderful! Happy stitching!!
Loving your wizard theme at the top... great stitching :)
Smiles :)

Rachel said...

Ooh, you naughty girl! But, as you said, you weren't breaking the rules so went for it. Big time! And what brilliant stash. So, with 91 WIPs already, how long before you hit the 100 mark? Or are you really going to be a good girl? :)

Sasha said...

Holy cow! Go big or go home!
Although, looking at all of this, it looks like you went big AND went home! Great haul!

StitchyDon said...

Wow you really made the most of it !!! You still held out till June, I broke budget in April so I can't comment !!!

Lauren M said...

Great haul! I love the Wizard of Oz one. Very pretty :)

Vicky L said...

Love all your stash! I love the pictures on top of your blog.

Linda said...

Great new stash Debbie. Love it all.


cucki said...

Super sweet stash
I love it hugs x

Brigitte said...

Hahaha, that's definitely great advice from Justine. And you were doing your best to follow it, lol. And yes, there is some great new stash in your drawers now. Or maybe not in your drawers yet, maybe you just want to roll in it a little bit longer, lol.

Julie said...

You certainly blew the budget this time .... Seeing your new JN goodies makes me think I must get out my JN charts, they've been languishing somewhere safe for way too long.

Anonymous said...

great stash ♥

Mii Stitch said...

Wow, you certainly listened to Justine's advice :) - Which is a really good advice too! - Fantastic new goodies :)

Rhona said...'s good to be naughty once in a while! :) Love all your new stash - that should keep you busy for a while!

Unknown said...

Oh many gorgeous things! My favorite is the wizard of oz...I loe vintage!

Southpaw Stitcher said...

Congrats on making such good use of your skip month! Those charts are sure going to keep you busy!

Christina G said...

Sure does seem like you had lots of fun shopping and being sent stuff in June! Love your wizard and sorceress projects...awesome!

EvalinaMaria said...

Love your new stash, congrats on the finish. I thought I broke the budget too but after counting I still have some reserves... Thanks for the advise, for sure I will keep it in my mind next time I shop.

KimM said...

LOVE your stash!! A stitcher can never have enough - HA! hugs

Faith... said...

You got quite a stash haul there and I totally agree - if you are going to do it do it BIG! Love your new Wizard of Oz design :)

Lija Broka said...

Oh my that is gorgeous! Definitely 'Kiss' should be on my wish list. Mind I always wanted to try a Riolis kit. Will need to look into it. By the by this is my skip month too. I am attempting at writing the post at the moment. I cannot believe how much I bought! I am meant to be budgeting. Not following advise to spend, hehe. But my new stash is so amazing and as I have restrained myself for so many months it is extra special. Mind there were more things I was tempted to buy and resisted (mainly since I dared to look at my bank account).

Lija Broka said...
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Meari said...

Wow, you certainly did take advantage of the "free" month. Great stashing!

Katie said...

Oh I see several things I would like too. I'm not surprised with how much we stitch alike. Great purchases though. I have a feeling I'm going to break down and go shopping soon. I'm glad I didn't join the stash challenge haha.