Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Theme-A-Licious March Madness (final)

The theme for this month is March Madness, "Work on something different every day... it's madness... of the funnest possible kind."  I used the Random Number Generator to pick a number from 1-95 for a WIP from my WIPocalypse list to stitch on every day.  Instead of listing all 31 of them here, I posted updates every Saturday. See my prior blog posts:
March 1-7
March 8-14
March 15-21
March 22-28

March 29 - #83, Disney Princesses:  I stitched Pocahontas, now only 11 more to go!
Disney Princesses update #1
March 30 - #95, Remember the Alamo:  I stitched the T and started the Texas flag.
Remember the Alamo update #1
March 31 - #12, Uber Christmas Tree:  I stitched more green and some red balls and started the silver bell.
Uber Christmas Tree update #2
The theme for this month is April Showers, "What pieces can you find in your flood of WIPs that include water? Rivers, lakes, oceans, or rain (and anything that lies within)."

My water WIPs include Thomas Kinkade's Lamplight Bridge, Flaming June, Cut Thru' North Pole House, Canyon Waterfall, Christmas Ark, Christmas on the Beach, Cut Thru' Pirate Ship, and The Wave.  I'll try to stitch on some of these during April and post updates on May 1.  Happy Stitching, everyone!


Linda said...

More great progress on these pieces Debbie. I'm going to miss seeing your progress on different projects each week. I need to work on Uber Christmas Tree soon!! lol


Susie said...

I'm looking forward to seeing the Disney princesses finished.

sharine said...

They are great. Princesses looks like a fun project:)

cucki said...

They are beautiful x

Jan Gartlan said...

Great progress and fun see your WIPs

Justine said...

Lovely stitching Debbie! Looking forward to your April update as you will be working on some of my favourites this month.

Lana said...

Great progress!! That is madness for sure!! You did great with the theme this month!! Loved seeing each project!!!

Katie said...

Great pieces. I'll miss these updates too. I love water though...especially ocean water so I wish you lots of luck with the next theme.

Priscila Ponto Cruz said...

Hello, I just passed by here to know your wonderful blog! There are so many amazing things and stitches here!! I enjoy making new stitching friends!! If you want to, come to see my blog someday.
Hugs from Brazil,

Southpaw Stitcher said...

Great job on March Madness! I love your Uber Christmas Tree! So relieved that you have a few water WIPs to stitch on in April. (smile)

Molly said...


Your blog is lovely, so much gorgeous stitching!


Christiane Garcia said...

Debbie, I love all your projects. The Disney Princesses are very cute!

Mary Ann said...

Nice progress on these pieces!

Vicky L said...

You did a great job for March. I am going to miss it, but at the same time, looking forward to your April report.

geeky Heather said...

Ooo, I love that tree!! Wow, you have a bunch of things for April Showers. Excellent theme suggestion. =)

Deb said...

Oh my gosh you have so much going! Looks wonderful!!