Friday, September 13, 2013

Turtle Trot SAL - September

For the Turtle Trot SAL, we choose 13 WIPs to work on and post progress pics on the 13th of every month.  I finished another one, so now I'm down to only 11.

Here is my progress since August.  You can click on the picture to see it bigger.

Universal Unity:  I stitched more grass and the raccoon.
Universal Unity (before)
Universal Unity update #11

The Sorcerer:  I stitched more moon and purple on his cloak.
The Sorcerer (before)
The Sorcerer update #7
Flaming June:  I stitched more sky and started some water.  Page 1 is halfway done!
Flaming June (before)
Flaming June update #5
Merry Christmas:  I stitched the letter S using DMC 115, variegated garnet.
Merry Christmas (before)
Merry Christmas update #6
Disney Princess Birth Announcement:  Cinderella has more hair and a blue ribbon.
Disney Princess Birth Announcement (before)
Disney Princess Birth Announcement update #5

Passione Ricamo Fairy Mystery SAL:  I stitched more rows of blue background.
Fairy Mystery SAL (before)
Passione Ricamo Fairy Mystery SAL update #4
Day of the Dead:  This one is finished!
Day of the Dead (before)
Day of the Dead - FINISHED!

Orange Poppies:  You can barely tell any difference, but I did 32 more stitches of orange!
Orange Poppies (before)
Orange Poppies update #4
Canyon Waterfall:  I filled in more confetti in the trees and started the clouds.
Canyon Waterfall (before)
Canyon Waterfall update #2


Vicky L said...

You made a lot of progress! I did see a difference in the orange poppies.

Linda said...

Wonderful progress on all your pieces Debbie and congrats on the finish. I love the colors in that one. UU is still my favorite.


gracie said...

You have been very busy...lovely, all of it!

Bev C said...

Hello Debbie,

I have been reading your blog for a while now, your stitching progress is wonderful.Love seeing how your are progressing.

Happy stitching.

cucki said...

Great progress on all of them
Hugs x

Justine said...

Great progress Debbie and congrats on the colourful finish! I think Canyon Waterfall is my favourite but I love all of them. I'm in awe of your stitching progress!

sharine said...

Great progress and awesome finish:)

Lesleyanne said...

Great progress on your wips.

Linda K's Stitching Corner said...

Beautiful Deborah.... I just love all of your WIP's. Congratulations on your finish too...

What are you going to stitch on next than for your Turtle Trot SAL.

Happy Stitching

Julie said...

Nice updates.

Saxo Stamper said...

Wow, you have achieved loads, I am so in awe of you Debbie.

K x

Isabella Morais said...

You are a machine! I'm impressed!

This very first project with the an imals looks like a painting! your cross stitching is fantastic! Congrats!

Annette-California said...

Beautiful progress. Love merry Christmas in DMC 115 - LOVE LOVE LOVE:) And congrats on your finish too.
love Annette

Preeti said...

Congrats on the finish and good progress!!

Pull the other thread said...

Amazing progress on everything. So many beautiful pieces and you are doing great.

Steph said...

I love your WIP updates. That little raccoon is adorable. Can't wait to see more xxx

Shaunterria/Ca11i0pe said...

Great update Debbie! You are really speeding along with Cinderella :) Keep up the excellent stitching, you are motivating me to finally update my blog *lol*

Giovanna said...

Lots of great stitching - well done, and congrats on finishing Day of the Dead.

Linda said...

Your stitching projects are really coming along - they are all fantastic.

♥ Nia said...

It's always a pleasure to look those colours on your first project :D
Nice progress on your wips! :)

Grit said...

You made a lot of wonderful progress. I love your stitching.

ricketyjo said...

Your stitching is great, you've made plenty of progress. Congrats on the skull finish, it looks very striking!

Shebafudge said...

Wow! Lots of progress! I love Day of the Dead. Looks great with such vibrant colours.

Julie said...

You've been really busy