Sunday, September 30, 2012

WIPocalypse update #10

BBQ Queen update #19
Well, I didn't finish BBQ Queen like I thought I would by this WIPocalypse update.  I did all the backstitching on the bottom and added the grass.  The last part will be a flag that says "Summer" and purple backstitching on her dress.  This is a SAL with Linda, who is stitching Lady Liberty, another design by Diane Arthurs.
Summer & Winter (June) update #3
Since the last WIPocalypse update, I have added the sunflowers and leaves to this June square.  The mother bird will be on top, feeding worms to her babies.  I plan to make flat ornaments of all these monthly designs by The Prairie Schooler.  This is a SAL with Linda and Rosemary.
So Many Tools update #2
I'm trying to finish So Many Tools by Christmas or January for my dad's birthday.  There are 32 tools in this design, so I need to stitch 3 tools each week to have it done in time for Christmas.  There is A LOT of backstitching!

My only new finish since the last WIPocalypse update is Burnt to Perfection, which I stitched for my brother's birthday gift.  I gave it to him tonight!

Don't forget to check in on Measi's blog with your WIPocalypse update, too!

Happy Autumn to everyone, or Happy Spring down under!  It is still HOT here in Sunny Southern California.  Today was 102 degrees and tomorrow will be even hotter.  The forecast is 106 degrees for the first day of October!


sharine said...

Great stitching. I love BBQ queen:)

Lesleyanne said...

Great progress.

Kelly aka STITCHNMOMMA said...

You're making some great progress. They're all looking lovely! :)

McKenna C. said...

Great progress on BBQ Queen! Everything else looks great too!


EvalinaMaria said...

You've done a marvelous job!

Xeihua (Sara) said...

Great progress on the BBQueen... she's so close to finish now :D and lovely progresses on the the other projects :D

Meari said...

Holy Cow... 106F? You can have it, lol.

Nice progress on your WIPs. Each one is so different and colorful. :)

robindefender said...

Everything looks great even if you didn't quite get your first one finished like you hoped.

Caitlin Jordan said...

great progress:) so close to a finish!