Ultimate Crazy January Challenge 2013

The Crazy January Challenge is when you start a new project each day for the first 15 days of January, then try to finish them during the year.  My friend Linda and I are in the Ultimate Crazy January Challenge, since we are going to start a new project every day in January!  You can join the Crazy January Challenge Yahoo Group and/or the CrosstitchCrazy2013 Facebook Group.

Here are the projects I'm going to start in January, in no particular order:

1. All Hallow's Eve - Glendon Place

2. Basket of Fruit - Bobbie G. Designs

3. Blessings Hang-Up - Diane Arthurs

4. Candy Cane Christmas - Ursula Michael

5. Cut Thru' Igloo - Bothy Threads (FINISHED 9/18/2013)

6. Easter Hang-Up - Diane Arthurs

7. Fall Welcome - Diane Arthurs

8. Ring Around the Rosie - Needle Treasures

9. Beach Babe - Diane Arthurs

10. Majestic Eagle - Sunset

11. Out for a Ride - Diane Arthurs

12. Quaker Moon - Bent Creek (FINISHED 6/22/2013)

13. Santa Hang-Up - Diane Arthurs

14. Shiver Me Timbers - Sue Hillis Designs

15. The IT Crowd - Dorkstitch

16. Triple Jack-O-Lanterns - Bobbie G. Designs

17. Vinney Reindeer - Fresh Threads Studio (FINISHED 2/25/2013)

18. Yo Ho Ho Ho - Sue Hillis Designs

19. Christmas on the Beach - Dimensions Gold Collection

20. Bear - Janlynn Wildlife Series

21. Incredible Edibles - StitchWorld

22. Picnic Area - The Prairie Schooler

23. Christmas Ark - The Prairie Schooler

24. Circle of Songbirds - Janlynn

25. Autumn Heart - Anne les Petites Croix

26. PTP Special Delivery - Heaven and Earth Designs

27. Black Cat Alphabet - Isabelle Haccourt Vautier

28. Orange Poppies (on black) - Thea Gouverneur

29. Canyon Waterfall - StitchX

30. Halloween Happiness - Sandra Cozzolino

31. Cut Thru' Pirate Ship - Bothy Threads


Unknown said...

31 GREAT Choices... So many of my favorites

demeter83 said...

There's 31 of them? I had to finishes this year, and I don't think I'll even manage that next year!
Love them though, the Bothy Cut Thru is so cute, and love the Halloween one (number 1) as well

Sue said...

What great choices! I look forward to visiting your blog each day in January to see each start on them.

Unknown said...

Great picks! Not sure if you saw or not but you won my giveaway!!

Katy said...

Love them all! Can't wait to see the progress!

Unknown said...

Oh my... *iam really speechless you will make 31 kits and start a new kit in every single january? waww it's really amazing.. wish you good luck for your progress until december 2013! i really can;t wait your progres!

Shannon Meyer said...

Wow, those are some really nice projects. Good luck with them!!! :)

Sue said...

again, do all the projects have to be cross stitch or can they be other crafts as well??